Graduate Students

My goal in mentoring students is to help cultivate the future scientific leaders of our society. While much of the research in the lab has conservation implications, graduate education in particular is focused on fundamental questions that can be generalized across systems (which may fall in Pasteur’s Quadrant). If you join our lab, you can expect me and others in the lab to invest substantial time and energy helping you succeed in your research and your career development. By the same token, you will be expected to bring passion, humor, independence, creativity, and dedication both to your research and to your participation in our community. If that sounds good to you and our scientific interests overlap, please be in touch.

I aim to accept about one student each fall, either through Ecology & Evolution or through Oceanography. I also strongly encourage students to apply for graduate fellowships, and relevant ones often include NSF GRFP, NDSEG, EPA STAR, NOAA Nancy Foster, and NOAA/SG Population Dynamics.

If you are interested, please contact me the summer before you apply so that we can discuss your application. In your email, please include a description of your interests and how they fit into our lab along with a CV, unofficial GRE scores, and unofficial transcripts.

Postdoctoral Researchers

I am actively looking for postdocs, so please contact me if our interests align. Among other opportunities, Rutgers’ EOAS has postdoc fellowships available. Other useful resources include David Smith fellowships, NSF Biology or Oceanography fellowships, Life Sciences Research Foundation fellowships, Marissa Basket’s list of fellowships and other opportunities listed by Pathways to Science, in the community list here, or Dieter Lukas.