Welcome Lisa, Zoë, and René!

Zoë Kitchel, René Clark, and Lisa McManus joined this fall as new PhD students (Zoë and René) and as a new postdoc (Lisa). We’re excited to welcome them on board! Zoë’s interests are on the impacts of climate change and variability on marine ecosystems and will joining our NSF Coupled Natural Human (CNH) systems project in the California Current. René is fascinated by conservation genetics and will likely help with our NSF PIRE project examining century-scale genomic changes in heavily exploited marine fishes. Lisa is working on eco-evolutionary models for coral reefs, in collaboration with Daniel Schindler (U. Washington) and the Coral Reef Alliance.

Becca interviewed on her new paper

Nice interview with Becca on her research showing that warming is transforming predator-prey interactions in the Northeast US:


Photos from 2017 field season are up!

2017 field season was a big success, with Michelle, Katrina, Allison, Malin, Gerry, Apollo, and Rodney. Check out some photos here.

Surfacing after a dive to a rainstorm.
Showing off our new oceanographic drifters in the hostel lobby.

Six presentations at ESA and AFS!

Lots of great presentations this month:

  • Jennifer presented 25 years of changes in population genetic patterns of summer flounder at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) meeting in Portland, OR
  • Sarah presented on genomic evidence for evolutionary rescue in little brown bats hit by white nose syndrome, also at ESA
  • Malin gave three talks: how ecology can help meet the UN sustainable development goals, how to teach about climate change (with Rebecca Jordan), and how climate change impacts in the ocean are different than those on land (all at ESA)
  • Becca talked about changing predator-prey interactions as a result of warming in the Northeast US at the American Fisheries Society (AFS) meeting in Tampa, FL
  • Jim presented a detailed projection of marine animal distributions in North America over the coming century (AFS)
  • Allison presented some of her Ph.D. work on eco-evolutionary dynamics in salmon (AFS)