James Morley

Jim and Morrell b 7-06
Sorting the catch during a bluefish trawl survey

My research is geared towards informing biologists and policy makers that are associated with marine fisheries management. My graduate work focused on determining the relative importance of two different spawning periods of bluefish, which is an important marine predator on the U.S. east coast. That project answered many questions associated with juvenile bluefish recruitment and habitat use, as well as overwintering energetics and trophic ecology.

Sea surface temperatures


At Rutgers, I am examining how climate change and variability are affecting marine populations off the southeast U.S. While a substantial body of research has focused on the influence of climate on North American fisheries, the southeast has been underrepresented within this work; the oceanographic-climate conditions of this area are quite different than other coastal regions. To examine climate impacts, I am analyzing data from a bottom trawl survey that has been conducted off the southeast coast since 1989.

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