Pinsky Lab @ Conferences

Our lab members went to several conferences in early 2018!

Lisa and Malin are at the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon this week. They are both giving talks (Lisa: “Ecological implications of thermal stress and larval connectivity in the Coral Triangle”; Malin; “Climate, species distributions, and increasing species richness in North American marine communities”), and Malin is on a panel about engaging with decision-makers to navigate ocean change.

Portland, OR

Becca recently led a discussion, “Mechanisms and Outcomes of Predator-Prey Interactions: Scaling Across Space and Time”, at the Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, CA.

Gordon Research Conference, Ventura, CA

Emily attended the Andina workshop in Patagonia, in which the group discussed knowledge gaps and future directions in invasion biology and range expansion due to climate change.

View at Andina Workshop, Patagonia

Katrina attended the 150th annual American Society of Naturalists conference in January in Pacific Grove, CA, where she gave  a talk: “Going with the flow: connectivity in a variable ocean”.

View in Pacific Grove, CA