Postdoctoral position in quantitative climate ecology

We are seeking an outstanding postdoc to study the responses of marine communities to climate change and climate velocity using long-term ecological and environmental datasets. The research will aim to quantify community change across North American continental shelves, determine the impacts of climate change and variability on these patterns, and understand how these factors alter the emergent properties of communities and food webs. Topics will include the processes of community assembly and disassembly, the appearance of non-analog communities, and changes in potential species interactions and food web dynamics. The research will build from an existing, four decade-long ecological dataset for the continental shelves of North America (e.g., Pinsky et al. 2013 Science) and will integrate statistical analysis with ecological modeling. There will also be opportunities to apply the research to conservation and applied fisheries questions through existing partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in ecology or related field, a strong background in statistics using R, excellent written and oral communication abilities, a promising record of publication, and evidence of creativity and enthusiasm.

**Application process**
Interested candidates should send an email describing their research interests and qualifications along with a CV and two representative publications to Strongly qualified applications will be encouraged to apply for the IMCS Postdoctoral Fellowship, due December 15, 2013 (