Code of Conduct

Wetlab Protocols

OceanAdapt website and GitHub repository: tracking the changing distributions of U.S. marine species over decades. A collaboration with NOAA and the DFO Canada.

Guide to permits for genetic sampling in the Philippines

Educational Resources

Ecology & evolution outreach activities for K-5 (by Katrina Catalano)

What’s the Catch? Engaging students in systems thinking (Case study for NSF Coastal SEES grant)

Tools of Science videos to explore the nature and process of science through the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)


Favorite nature areas in and near New Jersey

Pinsky Lab Haikus

Marissa Baskett’s impressive list of fellowships, grants and academic career resources for biologist and ecologists

ReefVid: Peter Mumby’s trove of free coral reef videos

Collaborators (partial list, alphabetical)

William Cheung (U. British Columbia)

Enrique Curchitser (Rutgers U.)

Mia Eikeset (U. Oslo)

Eli Fenichel (Yale)

Joel Fodrie (U. North Carolina)

Michael Fogarty (Northeast Fisheries Science Center)

Thomas Frölicher (U. Bern)

Olaf Jensen (Rutgers U.)

Joanie Kleypas (NCAR)

Simon Levin (Princeton U.)

Doug McCauley (UC Santa Barbara)

The Natural Capital Project

Phil Neubauer (Marsden Fund project)

Steve Palumbi (Stanford U.)

Serge Planes (U. Perpignan) and Geoff Jones (James Cook U.)

Jorge Sarmiento (Princeton U.)

Bastiaan Starr (U. Oslo)

Jennifer Sunday (McGill)

Kevin St. Martin and Bonnie McCay (Rutgers)

Boris Worm (Dalhousie U.)